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Daimer Industries, Inc. is the World Leader in providing Advanced Cleaning Equipment - Steam Cleaners, Pressure Washers, Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Extractors, Hard Surface Cleaning Equipment, and Green Cleaning Chemicals with Breakthrough Technologies as well as 100% Natural Ingredients!

Here at Daimer, we are dedicated to bringing our clients only the top performing carpet cleaning equipment and other carpet cleaning machines in the industry. That is why we are excited to offer the latest in carpet cleaning equipment.

Latest Carpet Cleaners for different Uses from Daimer:

Home Carpet Cleaners

Commercial Carpet Extractors

Industrial Carpet Extractors

Any carpet cleaning equipment, carpet extractor or carpet cleaning machine that you purchase from us will be a great investment towards the sanitation of your home or business, and especially those in the business of cleaning carpet, namely professional carpet cleaner contractors. With our carpet cleaning equipment and other cleaning machines it has never been easier to ensure the cleanliness of your or your customers' indoor environment. Don't miss out on the opportunity to acquire some of the most technologically advanced carpet cleaning equipment and carpet extractors in the industry. Browse through our entire carpet cleaning machine collection to see which product is ideal for you.

Excellent carpet cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning machines, and carpet extractors:

Carpet cleaning equipment is extremely useful for businesses or households. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and spots that cannot be removed by hand. Our carpet cleaning equipment will help virtually anyone effectively remove any stain with little effort so you don't have to.

We have carpet cleaning equipment for virtually every purpose. In addition, our carpet cleaning machines are so technically innovative that they are perfectly suitable for industrial use as well. No matter what clean-up job you have lined up, Daimer's carpet cleaning equipment can help you. So feel free to take some time and look through our site to find all of the necessary carpet cleaners to ensure sanitation in your residence, business, or industrial setting.

Daimer will NEVER, EVER offer inexpensive Cleaning Equipments! They will never sacrifice quality, high-performance and reliability just to move product. For more information, please visit their website http://www.daimer.com/

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Industrial Pressure Washers:

An industrial pressure washer can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks. It is a great machine for cleaning buildings, car washes, walls, floors, concrete, and many other surfaces. Our advanced technology and high quality products assure our customers that they are getting the best cleaning equipment and merchandise on the market today. No matter what type of industry or business you are in, a high pressure washer can provide nearly anyone with a variety of different uses.

The pressurized water stream has superior cleaning capabilities with little or no effort on the behalf of the operator. This machine can improve workers' productivity by reducing the need for scrubbing and other back breaking work. We encourage you to take some time to browse through our website and find all of the excellent products we have to offer you.

Benefits of high pressure washers:

A high pressure washer is an exception tool for cleaning and washing a large variety of surfaces. In addition, there are a broad range of benefits from utilizing one of these machines. For example, it decreases time, is effective on numerous hard-to-clean surfaces, has the latest technological advancements, great functionality, and its simple to use.

At Daimer, we are continually striving to ensure that our products are among the best in the industry. That is why when you purchase merchandise from us you can rest assured that you are getting durable, reliable, and high quality products that will last. Our commitment is to providing some of the best values on the web. So look at an industrial cleaning presure washer and see all of the features that we can bring to you.

For more information on the Daimer’s exciting cleaning equipment products, please contact a Daimer sales consultant at 1-800-471-7157, Ext. 1 or by visiting website: http://www.daimer.com/


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Steam cleaners are the latest, highly effective cleaning machines that have become increasingly popular for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning. The more powerful and especially useful steam cleaners create hotter, more forceful vapor steam that cleans much more effectively and faster than the weaker brands and models of steam cleaners sold on the market.

These high-quality steam cleaners are referred to as vapor steam cleaners. The best part about these vapor steam cleaners is they just need ordinary tap water and no harmful chemical solvents to perform the cleaning job. The fact steam cleaners clean with vapor steam and no harmful chemicals makes them environmentally-friendly cleaning machines; they also clean more deeply and quickly, and sanitize as well as disinfect remarkably well.

Daimer provides over 80 models of home steam cleaners, commercial steam cleaners, and industrial steam cleanersi from 65-150 psi, and up to 360°

KleenJet Deluxe 175 - Home Steam Cleaners
The KleenJet ® Deluxe 175 is a popular, ISO Certified home steam cleaner featuring temperatures up to 295ºF. This model also features adjustable pressure (up to 65 psi). This feature allows users to select the pressure setting that is the most appropriate for their application, and to reduce the pressure, saving water, when a higher pressure is not needed. The Deluxe steam cleaner also features a quick heating time and an assortment of accessories

KleenJet Pro Plus 200S - Commercial Steam Cleaners
The KleenJet ® Pro Plus 200S steam cleaner is an ISO Certified home commercial steam cleaner without extraction that offers higher temperature and pressure than other models on the market. The Pro Plus 200S steam cleaner features a variable pressure control dial allowing users to easily adjust the pressure up to 75 psi.

KleenJet Ultra 5000CV - Industrial Steam Cleaners
The KleenJet ® Ultra 5000CV is the most powerful 100v based industrial steam cleaner or steam vacuum cleaner in the world. The Ultra 5000CV is an ISO Certified system that offers a higher pressure (120 psi); a larger boiler; and larger refill, recovery, and detergent chambers than the Supreme 3000CV commercial steam cleaner. This powerful and versatile steam vacuum cleaner model is ideal for the most demanding applications requiring higher pressure and temperature than other brands in world.

For more information on the Daimer’s exciting cleaning equipment products, please contact a Daimer sales consultant at 1-800-471-7157, Ext. 1 or by visiting website: http://www.daimer.com/


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